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Have you ever had to have a cavity filled? Composite fillings are a great way to restore your teeth to health after they have been negatively affected by a cavity. We use filings to treat small cavities and help your teeth be as healthy and strong as possible, all well helping you maintain a natural looking smile!

If you have a cavity and need treatment and want to prevent cavities in the future, meet with one of our dentists for a consultation today!

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What are fillings made of?

Fillings can be made of many materials, but in our office we primarily use composite resin because it most closely resembles the natural color and appearance of healthy, white teeth. You might also be familiar with silver fillings that are made of metal pieces.

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How do I protect my

Composite Filling?

Your fillings are pretty self-sustainable, but you should be careful by:

  • Eating – sticky foods can sometimes pull on your filling.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Floss regularly
  • Make sure food isn’t stuck to or around your filling

Most people forget that their fillings are even there but still have eliminated cavities by having them. Learn if a filling can help you by visiting our team at Platinum Dental Care today!

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