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Teeth go missing for many reasons, whether it is due to an accident or injury or even just old age. Our team at Platinum Dental Care is here to help you find the perfect tooth replacement for you! Dentures are a common tooth replacing appliance for those who have lost multiple adult teeth. If you have missing teeth, you are qualified for a denture consultation appointment with our team!

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Are dentures a realistic teeth replacement?

Dentures are a great teeth replacement when one has lost all or the majority of their upper or lower teeth. Typically dentures are used by elder patients, but there are cases where younger patients find them to be the perfect match for them as well. Dentures are made to last and act just like your natural teeth. 

How to care for your


  • Brush them twice a day
  • Clean them after each time you eat
  • Soak them in denture solution overnight
  • Avoid letting food get stuck in them
  • Use denture glue to keep them secure in your mouth while you wear them

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