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Frenectomy surgeries are an important part of orthodontic care, since they allow our patients to speak, eat, and use their mouth healthily and normally. In a frenectomy, the frenulum, the tissue that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth and the tissue that connects your upper lip and gums, is adjusted. Frenulums can be too short or too long, which can inhibit proper eating and speaking. Frenectomy surgery adjusts an irregular frenulum and gives you the freedom you need!

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Why is a frenectomy necessary?

An irregular frenulum, whether too short or too long, can cause many problems. Someone in need of a frenectomy might have trouble speaking or pronouncing specific words or sounds. It can also prevent normal chewing and eating, which can lead to even bigger orthodontic issues. 

Some of the issues that many people don’t realize can be caused by irregular frenulums are tooth and jaw displacement. Even tooth gaps can be addressed and improved with frenectomy surgery. Frenectomies can even improve tongue mobility and range of motion. They are a versatile procedure that can address many orthodontic issues!

What are some tips for recovery after

Frenectomy Surgery?

  • Avoid brushing or flossing harshly 
  • Be cautious around surgical area
  • Use an ice pack or other cold items to reduce swelling
  • Eat soft foods away from area
  • Let any stitches dissolve naturally
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment with your orthodontist

Frenectomy surgery offers many benefits to our valued patients like you! Don’t wait to visit us at Platinum Dental Care in Sandy right next to Harper Nail Spa on Tramway Drive!

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