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There’s more to having a great dental clinic than the tools and technology that get procedures done. Here at Platinum Dental Care in Sandy, we love our team of professionals and know that you will too. We are more than just a dental team, we are a family, and each of our patients is a part of it. Our dentists are amazing leaders offering the best care possiblel Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve: a professional team offering top dental care and a community of family!

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Dr. Kyle Perkins DDS

Dr. Perkins received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah while playing for their NCAA Men’s Basketball team. He then went on to get his DDS from the University of Utah’s School of Dentistry and immediately started working with the Dream Dental Implant Center where he became a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. 

But, if you want to really get to know Dr. Perkins, see what his colleagues have to say about him:

  • “He is a fierce seeker of new skills, increased education, and expanded vision.”
  • “He has wisdom beyond his years, is a competent communicator, and uniquely carries himself with humble confidence…”
  • “One of the happiest people I’ve worked with.”
  • “Kyle is very thoughtful and regularly puts others first.”

Ask almost anyone who knows Dr. Kyle Perkins and you’ll discover just how unique and noteworthy our fearless leader is!

Known for being an incredibly hard worker and an endless optimist, Dr. Perkins has a knack for finding unique and meaningful solutions to difficult situations. He is willing to help anyone in need of his expertise and will always give 110% to doing the job right and exceeding expectations. 

If you’re looking for a driven, determined dentist who you can trust to always give you the best care possible- you’ve found your man!

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