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Orthodontics are an important part of dental care. Here at Platinum Dental, we pride ourselves in the quality of our team. Our orthodontists are educated and skilled, and they care about YOU! Your safety and your smile will always be put first anytime you are in our care! 

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What is orthodontic care?

Orthodontics are a specific branch of dentistry. It focuses on teeth and their alignment as well as your bite. Orthodontists allow you to have straight, aligned teeth that won’t harm your other teeth once they have been treated. 

Orthodontics is concerned with braces, Invisalign, head gear, and other dental orthodontic appliances. Each of them has their own purpose and place and can be very helpful to our patients in need of them!

What are the facts about


  • Align and straighten teeth
  • Position teeth relative to bite
  • Fix gaps
  • Improve dental health
  • Have brackets and retractors
  • Are an adjustment
  • Can cause minor pain and discomfort

If you are interested in the help that braces or orthodontics can offer you, stop by or call our office today!

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