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We all know the dread, fear, and uneasiness that can accompany thinking about getting a tooth pulled. Here at Platinum Dental Care, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best care possible. Your comfort and safety are always top priority in our office. This is why we are proud to offer the fastest, most painless tooth extraction possible!

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Why is tooth extraction necessary?

Sometimes teeth are not healthy and are causing more hurt and pain than anything else. When teeth can no longer perform their purpose and begin to harm you, they can cause more damage than any good they were doing before. Unhealthy teeth can cause adjacent teeth to become infected and unhealthy. They can also affect gums and their health. 

The most common tooth extraction is due to impacted teeth. You might be familiar with wisdom teeth. They are usually removed because they are impacted and negatively affecting other teeth and gums. Severely damaged or broken teeth that cannot be repaired with restorative methods are also cause for tooth extraction.

Recovery tips after a

Tooth Extraction:

  • Cold compress over swollen areas
  • Avoid touching area
  • Brush carefully around the area
  • Take any medications as prescribed
  • Visit your dentist for a follow-up appointment

Here at Platinum Dental Care, you don’t have to worry about tooth extractions! We will take care of you and ensure your safety and overall comfort. You can count on us! Give us a call now!

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