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Some of the best feedback we hear from our patients is how much they love knowing that their safety and comfort comes first to our team here at Platinum Dental Care in Sandy. We proudly put our patients first, and do everything we can to offer the best services in town. This includes offering the safest dental x-rays possible!

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How do I know dental x-rays are safe?

Many people worry about the safety of dental x-rays because they know that x-rays put off radiation. This is true, x-rays do emit rays of radiation. Thankfully, the amount of radiation that is actually emitted by dental x-rays is very slim. Similar to microwaves, the radiation is not enough to put anyone in danger, as long as they are used correctly.

Here at Platinum Dental, we take extra precautions to keep our patients and staff safe. When we use dental x-rays, we place leaded aprons over our patients, further protecting them from the small amounts of radiation that are exposed. This way, our patients and dentists can feel safe and comfortable while dental needs are met.

What are dental x-rays

Used For?

  • Evaluate oral health
  • Capturing imaging of teeth and gums
  • Identify cavities
  • Show tooth decay
  • Identify impacted teeth

Dental x-rays are a helpful, important helpmate within dental care. Start benefiting from them today! Visit Platinum Dental Care in Sandy today!

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